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Genealogy Researchers

Let us use our research skills to help you “chase” your ancestors, discover your lineage, and develop or expand your family tree.

Genealogy Research Services – It’s not a job, it’s our passion!

Have you been talking about tracing your family tree or finding out more information about a particular ancestor, but just don’t have the time or energy to do so?

We LOVE to “chase” ancestors from the UK, Canada, all of Europe and elsewhere.


Our Experience & Expertise

We have over 70 years of combined experience in chasing down our own ancestors. What started as a hobby quickly became our passion. We have been sharing this passion with others since 2015 by connecting people with their ancestors and helping them come face-to-face with the past.

We also access many, many free websites (e.g. Family Search, Find A Grave, State Archives, National Archives) depending on the state in the U.S. and/or country where emigrants lived before arriving in the U.S. or elsewhere (e.g. Canada, Australia).

You tell us “who” to look for. Our experience has taught us “what” records to look for, “where” to look, “when” to search (periods of time), and “how” to find critical records.

Services We Provide

Family Trees

Understand your roots!  We help you build family trees for one or more ancestry lines and provide copies of records discovered.

DNA Test Analysis

Have you gotten back DNA Kit test results and are overwhelmed by the information? We can help interpret the results.

Adoption Research

Whether it’s curiosity or the need to fill that personal void, we help adoptees search for their birth mother and/or father.

Irish Ancestry

Explore the past to help you define the present! We help you learn about your family and assist with attaining Irish Citizenship.

Are You Stuck?

So you have tried going it alone in researching your family history…but hit a “brick wall”? We can get you back on track.

We are pleased to be contributing writers for IrishCentral.

IrishCentral is the leading Irish digital media company in North America, providing political, current affairs, entertainment, travel tips, genealogy advice, and historical commentary to the Irish throughout the world.

IrishCentral provides two free online newsletters daily and receives 3.5 million unique visitors per month. They are headquartered in New York and Dublin.

Why driving in Ireland is an American’s dream or nightmare

The gold standards of bragging-rights entail hiking the tallest peaks, sailing the seven seas, and running in the NYC marathon, but we enjoy the bragging right that brings out the most oohs and aahs! We brag that we drove in Ireland!

Thrill of the chase! Finding your Irish ancestry from the USA

We both were raised hearing stories and tales about our Irish American immigrant ancestors. It wasn’t until later in life that we became “hooked” on “chasing” our ancestors back in time to the Emerald Isle.

Our surprising adventures chasing Irish American ancestors in Ireland

“Chasing” your Irish ancestry is about a lot more than historical documents it’s about real-life people and their incredible stories. Here’s our exciting tale on discovering our families in Ireland and their journeys.

Our Clients Love The Results!

I couldn’t believe the miracles they worked . . . Six weeks after submitting the application, I became a citizen of Ireland!

– Mike D.
Pampa, TX

I cannot thank Kate and Mike enough for assisting me in identifying the names and townlands of my Irish ancestors.

– Cathy H.
Saco, ME

They found [my grandfather], his spouse, and four of their children and their descendants. I was absolutely thrilled.

– Carmel S.
Pomeroy, OH

We search Find A Grave, Family Search, State Records, National Archives, Historical Newspapers and More.

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