Wonderful to work with…

Doing my own ancestry was too daunting for me. Kate and Mike chased my relatives through Ireland with the ease of the professionals they are. They were wonderful to work with. The finished product is a lovely notebook, actually a binder, full of information that can be added to in the future. I have so much new information on my great-grandparents, 2nd greats and 3rd greats! They also found enlightening information on their private lives. So glad I had this done.

Andrea & Frank R
S. Glastonbury, CT

New Friends…

Old Friends Geneaolgy is an understatement! I feel like it’s New Friends Genealogy! I have been “chasing” my ancestors for over 20 years and after running into a few brick walls I needed to reach out to a professional. Old Friends Genealogy was was the perfect choice. They helped me locate my Great Grandfather’s siblings and my Great Grandmother’s townland in Co. Longford, and also provided a map pinpointing the exact location for my visit next year! Kate and Mike were very hands on, detailed and kept me up to date every step of the way! They were more concerned about how the “chasing” went than I was. I would recommend them to anyone interested in finding their roots.

Bill K.
Rumson, NJ

Results after 30 years of trying on his own…

For 30 or 40 years I have worked on and off trying to get my Irish citizenship. I managed to find very little needed information in the States and no official documents from Ireland. Then I found Mike and Kate with Old friends Genealogy.

I couldn’t believe the miracles they worked. They managed to help me compile all the required records from the States and Ireland needed for me to submit my application for Irish citizenship. Six weeks after submitting the application, I became a citizen of Ireland!

The Lancors were able to obtain the Irish Civil Birth record for my grandmother Susan Sara Fitzsimmons, as well as her Catholic Church baptism record from Co. Down. Mike and Kate even found the farmland in County Down where my great grandparents John Fitzsimmons and Sarah McGrath lived when my grandmother was born in 1864. John Fitzsimmons farmed 13 acres of land for an English lord.

Mike and Kate also traced my Dunigan ancestry line back to Co. Offaly (formerly Kings County). My family had no idea where in Ireland my great grandfather Dunigan lived nor did we know he was named after his father! The Lancors also discovered that there was a chain immigration of Dunigans from Kings Co. to Ohio in the 1840s.

I just can’t believe how many records Mike and Kate came up with in such a short period of time and for a very reasonable cost.

Mike D.
Pampa, Texas

Gratitude for all their help…

I cannot thank Kate and Mike enough for assisting me in identifying the names and townlands of my Irish ancestors. I had been doing my own research for a couple of months, but was at a dead end and realized I needed professional help. Within one week, their diligence, caring, commitment and expertise uncovered invaluable information and documents, which ultimately unraveled my family mystery.
During this time, I felt they were just as emotionally vested in my journey and got as excited as I did when uncovering new information. They knew all the questions to ask, people to contact and search engines to use. It was such a calming feeling to know I wasn’t in this journey alone and I had very competent “detectives” working their hardest for my cause.
Upon my return to Ireland, being able to walk the land of my 2nd and 3rd great grandparents and aunts and uncles will be a dream come true. From the mouths of Kate and Mike, our ancestors “want to be found” and Old Friends Genealogy is certainly the service you want “chasing” your relatives. I am very thankful to have gone through this journey with them, and I feel like I’ve not only uncovered my family from long ago, but I’ve gained two new friends.

Cathy H.
Saco, Maine

Highly recommended…

I contacted Kate and Mike after I was looking at an Irish site that was discussing Irish ancestors. I asked for help in researching my 2nd great grandfather. I have been looking for him for years. After just a few days they contacted me and started sending me information. They found him, his spouse, and four of their children and their descendants. I was absolutely thrilled.

I will be in Ireland for the month of August and am meeting some of my Grey relatives. This has meant so much to me. Kate and Mike are still at work for me and recently sent information on where some of my ancestors are buried. I will be able to visit their grave while I am in Ireland! I never dreamt they would have so much success, and they are still waiting for info on another gravesite.

I highly recommend them. Kate and Mike have done an awesome job for me. I now have info that takes me back to the mid and late 1700’s. 100 years further back in time! Thanks Kate and Mike.

Carmel S.
Pomeroy, OH

From doorstep to family…

Allegedly, I was told that I was left on a doorstep 77 years ago. After decades of curiosity, I placed my DNA on Ancestry.com in 2008 in search of the truth about my birth. Once a second cousin match appeared, my wife and I put Kate and Mike to work. They quickly narrowed the possibilities down to specific grandparents and more DNA testing proved them correct. I now had maternal siblings. I was so blessed that my reception was amazingly warm. Shortly afterward, another second cousin appeared on Ancestry.com, and with Kate & Mike back to work I met a paternal sibling in three months. In these nine months, I went from the “Doorstep to Families” that I love. God Bless Kate & Mike.

Jerry H.
Moultonborough, NH

Genealogical adventures…

Thank you Mike and Kate for starting me on my genealogical adventure. My family tree research was not progressing until you uncovered many distant ancestors from all over Europe. Now your passion has become mine!”

Jan U.
Princeton NJ

Discovering 17th century lineage…

Mike and Kate Lancor worked tirelessly to help me trace the lineage of my mother’s paternal and maternal families back to the 17th century. The field of genealogy is undergoing exponential growth as more and more data sources come online. Using the services of Old Friends Genealogy (OFG) made the process of tracking down leads much easier and more fruitful. I was amazed at the final binder OFG put together for us and fully expect to use their services to explore more branches of my family tree. Mike and Kate, thank you for your caring and diligence throughout this process!

Pete H.
Rye, NH

Finding my biological parents…

Mike and Kate are awesome at what they do! I was looking for family history about my biological parents. They knew the best places to look and whom to contact for information. I never would have been able to do this on my own. Thanks to them not only did I get the information, but my biological family in Canada has welcomed me with open arms. You will find Kate and Mike are easy to work with and a joy to be around. A very satisfied client.


The levee has burst…

For more than 10 years, I had been staring at a most impertinent brick wall in my search to find where in Ireland my Jackson ancestors originated. I had numerous scraps of information, many tales and much family lore, all to no avail. An ad in a local newspaper led me to Old Friends Genealogy and they burst the levee with a mountain of new data on my family. Through Mike and Kate’s efforts, they have determined the “who”, “where” and “when” and added four generations from County Roscommon, Ireland to the family tree. As a bonus they found the missing name of my paternal great grandmother, Elizabeth Atwell, in County Longford, and added several generations of her ancestors. As a result, I am extraordinarily pleased with their ability to locate records and find ancestors.

Fred J.

Sincere Thank You…

What a superb “summary and family tree” you both did for me. A very sincere thanks to you both, it’s wonderful.

Jordan P.